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Nuno Rosado

Nuno Rosado

Restaurateur, The Square, Al Forno and The Old Bell, Henley-on-Thames

  • Two town centre restaurants
  • Busy central pub
  • Saving thousands annually

Nuno Rosado is a busy man; he owns three successful businesses in central Henley – The Square and The Al Forno restaurants and The Old Bell public house. Concerned about his ever-growing overheads and the impact these costs were having on his profitability, Nuno entrusted Lemerle with his utility contracts and has subsequently saved in excess of ten thousand pounds on utility bills.

Lemerle carried out an audit of the various gas and electricity supplies across the three businesses and were able to re-contract these supplies to realise a 30% saving across the portfolio.

“The whole process was handled by Lemerle with very little input required from me and I am absolutely delighted with the savings they have achieved for me. I am working all hours running my businesses and do not have the time or expertise to manage these often complicated supplies. I knew for a long time that there must be more cost effective options out there but was unable to explore these myself and needed specialist help.

Lemerle do not charge fees for the services they provide, instead receiving a commission from suppliers, therefore the 30% saving is net to my businesses. This was a cost down exercise I can really see hitting my bottom line, and it didn’t cost me a penny to implement!

With all my utilities now properly and effectively contracted, Lemerle will manage any future issues and deal with renewals as necessary; one less thing for me to worry about – I can simply enjoy the savings.”