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Our client base is vast and varied, ranging from football clubs and food manufacturers to private estates and hospitality businesses, but they all have one thing in common; they’ve each saved money with Lemerle.

Simon Duffy
Simon Duffy, Landlord, Perch and Pike Pub, Oxfordshire

“Lemerle looks after our utilities, primarily gas and electricity. They handle the time-consuming element of finding providers, making comparisons etc, and just come to me when they’ve found the best solution for my business. I prefer to manage these contracts through a broker, giving me one less thing to worry about, but have had mixed experiences in the past.”

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Nuno Rosado
Nuno Rosado, Restaurateur, The Square, Al Forno and The Old Bell, Henley-on-Thames

“The whole process was handled by Lemerle with very little input required from me and I am absolutely delighted with the savings they have achieved for me. I am working all hours running my businesses and do not have the time or expertise to manage these often complicated supplies. I knew for a long time that there must be more cost effective options out there but was unable to explore these myself and needed specialist help.”

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Paul Niland
Paul Niland, Dentist and Owner, Smile Solutions, Oxfordshire and Berkshire

“Lemerle assumed responsibility for the management of our supply contracts, issuing timely terminations and dealing with contractual issues as they presented themselves, whilst always keeping us informed. They negotiated new supply contracts, offering us various suppliers and contract Iengths and the best available prices. I would never have had the time to explore all of this myself!”

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