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Lemerle works with independent experts in the procurement of contracted energy (gas and electricity), water services, mobile and fixed telecoms, print and photocopy solutions.

Our services are relevant to any organisation that is looking to reduce costs by managing these supplies more effectively, but lacks the time or expertise to do so inhouse.

Lemerle takes time to understand each client’s business needs and steer them to suppliers that can match their unique requirements. We pride ourselves on giving a personal service and attention to detail that ensures we deliver tangible results.

The Lemerle team works totally in the interest of its clients, becoming a virtual extension of their business, and bridges the enormous gap between you and the often non-existent customer service offered by suppliers. The effect is to give you more time for the things you’re good at, so the advantages are not purely financial.

The core elements of our service are:


Supplies audit and rebates

Are you paying too much for your utilities? If so, you aren’t alone, as many businesses in the UK are spending over the odds. We can ascertain exactly how much you’re losing, with a supplies audit which we conduct for free, and identify any rebates that you might be owed. We’ll negotiate these on your behalf and ensure you get paid.


Tracking and benchmarking

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Utility consumption is notoriously difficult to evaluate from month to month, or year to year, because it is impacted by so many variables – weather, occupancy, production levels, and facility and operational changes to name a few. We review and track your consumption to ensure we’re able to procure the most appropriate contracts and that they remain fit for purpose.


Data and contract analysis

Tracking utility consumption is a good first step, but it isn’t enough – the data must be analysed to uncover anomalies and cost saving opportunities. Unfortunately, few companies have the time or expertise to perform thorough analysis, and as a result utility expenditure is higher than necessary. We scrutinise your service agreements and find any savings to be made on contracts past, present and future.


Negotiation and purchasing

Once we fully understand your business needs, we compare the market to ensure we find the best deals for you. We handle all negotiations with suppliers, using our expertise to unpick complicated contract jargon, and leverage our bulk buying power to achieve cheaper rates that can save your business significant amounts of money.


Ongoing management services

Once data have been measured and analysed, we can help develop a customised approach to dealing with utility issues. Some clients elect to have Lemerle handle all aspects of ongoing utility management, while others prefer periodic reviews or just have us help with specific tasks. We work in whichever way suits you, acting as an extension of your team.