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Simon Duffy

Simon Duffy

Landlord, Perch and Pike Pub, Oxfordshire

  • 70-cover restaurant
  • 4 letting rooms
  • Annual savings in excess of £2.5k

A shrewd businessman who has successfully managed several hospitality businesses, Simon is always keen to reduce his overheads. He wants to ensure that he remains as profitable as possible while providing an excellent service to his punters. Simon enlisted the help of Lemerle in 2014 and hasn’t looked back since.

“Lemerle looks after our utilities, primarily gas and electricity. They handle the time-consuming element of finding providers, making comparisons etc, and just come to me when they’ve found the best solution for my business. I prefer to manage these contracts through a broker, giving me one less thing to worry about, but have had mixed experiences in the past.

I was previously with another company who, after the initial savings they made, lost interest and weren’t proactive, especially when it came to renewals. They weren’t delivering and became complacent, just staying with existing suppliers rather than trying to source better deals. That’s when I chose Lemerle, and I have been delighted with the service they provide to me. They are extremely proactive, and I know they really are doing the legwork to continue finding me the best deals.

In the first year with Lemerle our gas saving was over £800 and the electricity was around £600, so over a two year deal we saved over £2.5k. The time I’ve saved is so valuable too – we get so many cold calls from companies saying they’re aware our gas and electric are up for renewal, and I can cut them dead straight away; I simply say it’s contracted out to a broker and the conversation ends. The stress and hassle are gone and I just enjoy the savings.

Lemerle is an industry expert, I’m not! Sometimes on the face of it a contract can look very good, but you might be tied in for longer than expected, or there could be all sorts of hidden costs. It has really paid to get help from the experts, and I would recommend Lemerle to anyone considering getting some support – there really is nothing to lose, just have an initial conversation and the benefits Lemerle can offer will become apparent immediately.

There’s no obligation so why would you not try to streamline your business process?”